Mindfulness-Based Counseling

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Mindfulness-Based Counseling

Are you feeling stressed, stuck or confused? Mindfulness-based counseling offers you a new way to move forward. I have found, with patient and compassionate support, we are far more capable of responding to challenges then we tend to believe. I believe we can all access a deep well of peace, wisdom and courage within. I would be honored to partner with you for a few steps on your life long journey.
My therapeutic approach starts with you: what are your current strengths, knowledge and skills? Building upon your personal experience, we access your inner gifts and talents to address your current challenges. Weaving together science and spirituality, Western and Eastern theory, mind and body, we discover a new path towards sustainable wellbeing.
Specifically, I integrate mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Trauma-informed therapeutic principles and tools.
My practice is unique:
  • I only work with one client at a time.
  • I keep my fee ($50 for a session) low to just cover practice expenses - I see clients for the joy of partnering with you to make your life better, not as a source of income.
  • If we are not seeing progress in the first 3-4 sessions after your initial assessment, then we will discuss if you would be better served elsewhere.

Other information about working with me:

  • I use a measurement-based approach to objectively track your progress.
  • For therapy to bring about sustainable change, it must be more than just talking about events of the week - it requires practicing new tools and behaviors - AKA homework. Working with me will include weekly homework.
  • I only accept self-pay by credit card (no insurance).
  • I do not provide any services between your scheduled sessions (such as phone calls or crisis management).
  • All of my sessions are in office at 383 Corona St (Shift Workspaces on Corona) - I do not offer teletherapy.
  • Proof of COVID vaccine required. 

If my approach to therapy seems like a good fit for you - please call me to schedule an initial assessment - or schedule a free 15 minutes call to learn more about me and how I do therapy.

Be well



Forms for therapy - please download/print, review, complete and bring to first session:

Mindfulness Trainer PLLC Disclosure Statement and Service Agreement

Mindfulness Trainer PLLC HIPAA Statement

New Client Information


Learn about how therapy works:

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CBT and Thoughts

Transitioning out of therapy


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