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"Paul practices what he teaches.  He embodies a 'mindful presence'.  Paul will inspire you to live from awareness.  His teachings invite transformation."
Duane Mullner, LPC, Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Coach, Teacher 
"I have taken two courses from Paul. He is a great teacher. He teaches in a gentle, non judgmental style. Thank you for providing me with daily practice that improves my quality of life!"
Cameron-k Garett, RXN, C.N.S., Advance Practice Nurse in Psychiatry
"I invited Paul as a speaker to my organization; both his presentation and his knowledge level are phenomenal! He greatly understands human behavior and is able to communicate principles in such a way that the audience understands and they are able to apply the principles immediately into their business/life. I highly recommend Paul!" 
Sharon Shores, Chapt. Coordinator Hometown Business Alliance
"Have you ever met those people who just seem to float above the fray? My Dad told me when I was young, "It's not what happens to you in's how you deal with it." Great advice from my dad, and Paul exemplifies this motto in his work and his teaching. I have known Paul for over twenty years now, in many different capacities. If you are looking to find the stillness in yourself, look no further than the Mindfulness training that Paul offers. I was fortunate enough to recently take his four week workshop. It helped me center, relax, be silent, and find peace within myself. Paul truly 'Walk the Walk' when it comes to being in touch with yourself. I highly recommend Paul to help us all calm down."
Rick Bernstein, Presentation Coach, FEHU Productions, Inc
"I have had the privilege of working with Paul now in his capacity of teaching MBSR classes (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) to our patient population several times. His ability to explain difficult concepts in easy to understand language, his integrity and sincere desire to help and give our patient population a tool to manage their chronic pain has been very helpful. As a matter of fact, we decided to offer Paul a position on our team to start developing and teaching related courses!”
Stefan van Duursen, PT, Colorado Spine Therapy
“I have had the opportunity to attend a series of Mindfulness classes taught by Paul. It was an amazing experience. Paul is a great teacher and was able to to take a class with different levels of experience with meditation and make it work. He is excellent in leading the class through the meditation exerises and showing you how to make it part of your everyday life. I have recommended Paul's class to many of my physical therapy patients and have seen great results. I find that this can be an often overlooked piece of the puzzle when treating patients and it has been extremely helpful.” 
Jeremy Wehking, PT, Colorado Spine Therapy
“Mindfulness is an amazing vehicle for personal growth and Paul makes that journey interesting! I took his Colorado Free University Class as well as some of his solo group work. Whenever I find the time to focus on mindfulness it helps me grow, and Paul is definitely the person I think of to take me on that journey. He explains things very well and has a likeable, approachable, easygoing personality. He is also a great teacher, making abstract concepts easy to understand.”
Tina Laue, Acupuncturist and Herbal Medicine, Good Needles
“Paul has a very calming, peaceful presence about him that makes it clear he practices what he teaches. He has a gift at explaining concepts in a clear and concise manner that is easy to understand. Paul is wonderfully adept at understanding the complexities of individual personalities and has a unique ability to modify his teaching style to best meet his client's needs. I strongly recommend Paul to anyone who is seeking to live their lives with more peace, joy and a greater ability to "go with the flow of life".”   
Renee Ostertag, DPT, Body Mind Physical Therapy