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An Exercise in Mindlessness

Mindfulness Part 1: Mindfulness Principles

   Meditation and mindfulness

   Out of the sangha and into the medical center

   Types of meditation

   The science of mindfulness

   Systems theory

   Stress 101 for clients


Experiential Exercise: Sitting meditation

Mindfulness Part 2: Roadblocks to Mindfulness

   The mindfulness learning curve

   A way through resistance

   Clinical applications

   Modality continuum

   Simple introductions

   More advanced techniques

   Working with challenging clients

Experiential Exercise: Eating mindfully

Mindfulness Part 3: Mindfulness and Emotions

   Our habitual reactions to anger, anxiety and other emotions

   The mindfulness alternative

   Coaching clients through overwhelming emotions

Experiential Exercise: Body scan

Mindfulness Part 4: Where the Mindfulness Path Leads

   The mindless cycle

   Witnessing: an observational shift

   Coaching clients past sabotaging

Experiental Exercise: Mindful movement

Your Next Step, Mindfully

   Personal mindfulness plan

   Clinical mindfulness strategy

   Further study